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When I pulled down this blonde’s panties and a horny cock popped out in my face I was shocked and intrigued at the same time. I’ve been dreaming about having sex with a shemale for a long time already and there was no way I would miss on such an opportunity. After we sucked each other off and fucked in all possible positions we went to have a swim at the pool and continue the action in the water.



Jamie Coxx

I got a fan sign from the sexy Jamie, a 20 something transgender From Texas. What a cutie and she looks good in uniforms too ;). Jamie has a nice 7″ cock and she loves our site..Check out Jamies site!


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Tranz Sexualz

Well we went out again yeah! He is a very sweet man and he treats me like the woman I am and feel like. We had dinner at one of my favorite italian restaurants he bought me flowers *awe* which was very sweet. During dinner an older gentleman stopped by our table and told my date that his wife was very beautiful I started giggling like a school girl it feels so good to be complimented on my looks even though only my date and I know the real deal. Of course after dinner we couldn’t wait to rip eachothers clothes off and fuck our brains out. The clothes started flying off at the door all the way to the bedroom, this man is so handsome with his tight ass and hard pecks and of course that 9 inch cock mmmm I just had to wrap my lips around it and give him the blow job of his life. He was a little leary at first, to go down on me (just cause he said it felt weird looking at a beautiful woman with a big cock) but it didn’t take him long to suck all of the cum out of me. We went on almost half of the night just enjoying eachothers touches and caresses and of course lots of sex :).

*just remember you could pick up a gorgeous chick in a bar and you would never know if they were like me unless i told you or you took me home ;). but hey don’t knock it till you try it. Most straight men fantacize about being with another man, but when you have a killer body like me it makes it even better :).

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