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Hey guys Ginger is in the house, after a long week off I feel good and relaxed. Went to a huge New Years Party of one of my friends, Had 5 course meal, free drinks and lots of hot studs. Of course I was dressed to the tits..hehe litterally long evening gown strapless of course and these shoes that were killing my damn feet. It takes lots of patients and practice to wear high heel shoes not to mention hard to find for big feet like mine. We danced,drank and ate all night. My b.f and I decided to pick up some fun along the way, he was absolutely goregous and after talking to him alot, he wanted to go to a hotel with us, of course he was going to get a big surprise later when we got to the hotel, see he had no idea I had a nice big cock waiting for him. We went to the hotel and we had a few drinks and we all quickly got stripped down to undies.. When he looked over at my panties and saw I was packing something, his mouth dropped and asked if I was a man, I said hell no I only have a penis and im all woman, he saw my breasts and the rest of me and decided he was in for it all! and that he was always curious about this..All men are curious about shemales and alot of them would do us just to try it out. Once he was over the shock we were all naked and good to go, I decided I would warm him up for the big game and started kissing him and fondling his hard 9 1/2 inch cock (*smiling*) It took him all of three seconds to reach for my hard firm breasts and start sucking on them while trying to grab my b.f was sitting the corner playing with himself while me and this guy were having a real good time. We all got a turn at sucking and fucking eachother and fell asleep in the bed after hours of pleasure. This was a great way to bring in the new year and it was with bigger bang than I thought..I think were gonna have to do that some more.

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