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Well tomorrow I book my vacation to cuba yayyyy I can’t wait to leave all this snow behind this year has been unbeliveable I can’t see my car half the time from the 9ft snow banks all around. Don’t worry when I go away I will be sure to leave you plenty of hot babes to view and have fun with ;). Ok now the hot story I promised!
Last weekend my g.f came to stay with me cause the b.f went out of town again and I just hate being by myself so I figure what better time then to have some girl fun ;). And Yes you got it right I invited Miranda over again she is like my best friend and we do everything together and I do mean everything 😀 . Usually we stay home but tonight we opted to get all dressed up sexy and go out to hunt down some fun ;). We walk into this really happening club downtown and there is wall to wall meat just begging to have some fun. We get a few drinks start talking, laughing like girls do when this stud comes up and asks if he can buy us a drink, sure were not gonna refuse a drink from this really hot guy. So we have a few drinks and were all talking next thing I know my g.f Miranda (who always speaks her mind..LOL ) says to Todd hey so you wanna fuck me and my g.f, the guys eyes nearly popped out of his head he is like yay of course this is the part I love they always think there taking home to beautiful women, when in fact we all have the same package but the thing that is the most exciting is transforming these completely hetero guys into tranny lovers.. We have lots of repeat offenders who want to get back with us cause they said the sex is amazing.

We head back to my place and Miranda starts stripping off as soon as we hit the door she removes everything but the bra and panties so of course we both follow suit. Were all standing there in our undies and then Miranda hits the stereo switch and some really good music comes on so while she is dancing im pouring some drinks. Todd is sitting there thinking he hit the lottery while watching Miranda and im in the kitchen pouring drinks. I was only gone maybe 10 min I come back in and here is Miranda sucking on his cock im like geez girl can ya not wait 5 min. I said screw the drinks and jump in to join her on sucking Todds nice big cock he couldn’t of been anything under 10″ damn can we pick them or what ;). While were sucking on his cock he is trying to grab titties so we undo our bras just so he can get a better handfull. We sucked and licked his cock and balls for awhile then decided to light the fireplace and throw all the pillows in front of it for some really good fucking. Now comes the fun part exposing our cocks to Todd 🙂 . So we decide the best way would be to sort of tell him while dancing around him so thats what we did.. “I said so Todd are u ready for our surprise?” he said oh yeah oh yeah ” I said now before u freak just think of the possiblities and keep an open mind ok? yup he says.
So instead of just popping them out and watch him faint I was standing in front of him and I took his hand and put it on the outside of my undies, he was feeling around and he had this really weird look on his face and his mouth dropped open and he looked at me like how can that be. So I say to him ” just think of us as women with a little something extra, believe me your not the first to be totally straight and not end up fucking us and wanting more, just think of fantasy” So he says ok lets see what you got, so we show him and he is like wow I would never of known really. So I said are u game for some real fun sex, he looked a bit nervous and said sure im always up for something new.. So now that its all set we figured well get him all hard again before we proceed.
While were working his hard cock he really shocked us by grabbing miranda’s cock and shoving it in his mouth, he said I always wanted to try cock but I didn’t want anyone to think I was gay because im not I just have these fantasies.. I know alot of guys who have these type of fantasies and don’t worry guys ur totally normal it doesn’t mean your gay to fantacize about sucking cock.. So he is going to town on Miranda’s cock and by her moans hes doing a great job so of course im gonna take full advantage of this by getting him on his knees. I start playing with his ass getting it ready for my hot, hard cock that is dripping with precum. after 5 or so min I put on a condom and I slowly start to work my meat in that tight virgin ass, he is loving every min of it with gasps of pleasure.. I finally work it all in and start pumping slowly at first but he wants more, of it harder faster to the point where Im just fucking him so good that I can’t take it anymore and I blow my load damn I hate when that happens.. Todd tells Miranda he wants to taste her and that he wants her to blow her load in his mouth, of course Miranda is more than happy to comply. Now were both sitting there with semi hardons while his is still raging, so I ask him you want to take turns fucking our asses and blow your load all over our ass? well lets just say thats all I had to say he was putting a condom on. Miranda and I get on our knees and line up our asses for him for easy access, he starts by inserting his cock in my ass, slowly pushing and each time gaining depth inside my ass.. all I can say is wow that was a really big cock! After he gives me a few good pumps with that nice cock, he pulls out and shoves it in Miranda’s ass gives her some of that nice cock, he goes back and forth until he is moaning he can’t hold it anymore his cock is still embeded in my ass and he starts to pull out but its too late he is coming, he pulls out rips off the condom and starts blowing his hot load of cum all over our asses I can feel the warmth of his love goo.. I feel it dripping down my ass to my balls and it feels so good.. next thing I know he is licking the come out of my ass and licking my balls Im really shocked this guy is jumping in with both feet. After all is said and done we lay on the pillows by the fire talking and drinking the drinks I poured over an hour ago and of course it wasn’t over , we ended up fucking and sucking till the sun came up it was a night we won’t forget for awhile!

Next time Todd said he was going to bring a few of his buddies for a bit of a party, I said can’t wait…

Of course now you guys are all hot N horny after reading my story, cause im all hard again just thinking of his sweet ass. so im just gonna leave you with some galleries to help yourself cause I really need to rub one out if ya know what i mean 😉 .

Ginger XOXO